New Years Resolution for 2019

Now is usually the time when people start making their New Years Resolutions. You have some people that want to lose weight and want to work out more. There are some people that may want to get rid of old baggage and need a new set of friends or companion. You might even know some people who probably want to open up their own business and start working for themselves. Whatever your New Years Resolution is for 2019 be sure to set goals that are Specific, Attainable, Measurable. First, When you’re setting goals for yourself make sure that they are clear and specific. Everything needs to be crystal  clear, laid out and defined so that there’s no need in second guessing yourself. Secondly, make sure that your goals are attainable. There’s nothing like setting goals for yourself and it’s impossible for you to achieve them. In some cases there are times that you are going to run into some road blocks but don’t let that discourage you sis because guess what nobody’s perfect. Just find your way to get back on track and start the next day. Lastly, be sure that your goals are measurable. Give yourself some time to grow so you can see your progression as you succeed. Now that you have the main three key components to setting goals for yourself, 2019 is officially yours for the taking. Get It Sis and don’t let anyone stop your bag✨

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