Quick Tricks For Stretching Heels

Have you ever bought a pair of expensive heels and couldn't even walk from point A to point B in them. This is called Shoepidity, the act of wearing gorgeous, painfuly uncomfortable shoes all the while proclaiming they are more comfortable than they look. Most women are guilty of this act but no worries those painful heels days are about to end. Here are are a few simple shoe tricks to help you stretch out those heels and to put your mind and feet at ease.

  1. Try stretching out your heels by walking around the house in a pair of thick socks and your shoes. I would recommend doing this for at least 5-10 minutes for the next couple of days on carpet. That way there is less tension on your feet.
  2. Use heat to help expand the material on your shoes. Put your socks and shoes on and use a blow dryer on a cool setting around the area that needs to be loosened. Be careful, you only want to do this on suede and leather shoes only.
  3. Purchase a shoe stretcher online (Amazon.com) to help stretch out your heels. This will help stretch out the width of your heels 3'-6' to get a more custom, roomier fit. 
  4. Try using the freezing method which will help expand your heels. Fill up a ziploc bag half way with water and place them inside of your shoes. Place your shoes inside of the freezer for 4-8 hours until the water freezes (I would recommend placing shoes inside of a plastic or paper bag prior to placing them in the freezer for sanitary reasons). Remove the shoes from the freezer and try to them on to see if they are the perfect fit. Repeat if needed.
  5. Spray rubbing alcohol around the tight areas of the shoe. Walk around the house for 10-15 minutes while they are wet to help loosen up the shoes. Repeat if needed. SN: please be careful repeating this step on leather shoes because this could dry out the leather and damage heels.
  6. Take your heels to a professional shoe doctor. Yes, I know this sounds crazy but the shoe doctor can actually stretch your shoes the professional way to actually help fit your foot more comfortably. Sometimes it could be as simple as cutting your heels down by a 1/4'. 

 I hope that you found these tips and tricks helpful. So the next time you decide to buy a pair of $500 shoes you can spend less time worrying about the pain and focus on the the real picture, these bomb ass heels!



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